Digital Training

Welcome to the Digital Training!

This training was developed within and is based on our experiences and results of the Bridge the Gap! project (Erasmus+ project 2020-2022). We believe that older people can benefit most if they themselves actively change their environment according to their needs and preferences. Thus, the aim of our project Bridge the Gap! was to train and empower older people to implement their ideas for an age-friendly environment with the support of digital tools.

Digital Training: The Content
The training provides you with 3 modules and some practical information and links to further resources at the end. You can select and go through each module individually by clicking the “Play” button.

This module explores what „Age-Friendly Environments“ are all about.

You will:

  • explore what „Age-Friendly Environments“ are all about,
  • learn about essential domains and features of age-friendly neighbourhoods,
  • reflect about the age-friendliness of your own living environment / neighbourhood,
  • get equipped with some practical guidelines and more inspiring learning tools.

This module discusses ageing in an increasingly digital era,
you will:

  • learn more about ageing in an increasingly digital era,
  • explore about some of the benefits of using digital tools,
  • get equipped with some practical and inspiring online-learning tools.

This module discusses some of the practical tools from the Bridge the Gap! project.
You will:

  • get to know some practical tools,
  • reflect about which of the tools are useful for you,
  • get equipped with additional resources and inspiring examples.

Digital Training: For whom?

This training aims to

  • provide learners (both older adults and people/organizations active in adult education, and/or age-friendly city development) with practical & helpful tools,
  • to make learner curious about the Bridge the Gap! project and our tools,
  • to motivate learners to deepen their digital knowledge and make new experiences.

When you go through the modules and learn something new, explore and try (new) digital tools and/or get inspired to make your neighbourhood more age-friendly our digital training has reached its goal!