Bridge the Gap! in Rome Municipality II

photos © Angela Pagano, Lunaria

On 15 June 2021, Bridge the Gap! has been presented during Rome Municipality II’s  3rd and 4th Age States general.  After over one year and a half of de-facto lock­down, Rome Municipality II Social policies depart­­ment organized, in the beautiful open-air Virgiliano park setting,  the 3rd and 4th age Festival, as States general to collect proposals to sup­port local age-friendly initiatives and develop­­ments. Around 100 represen­tatives of local socially engaged NGOs, groups and volunteers took part. They both reported on how they creatively reacted to the Covid pandemics, the obstacles and difficulties faced and shared their priority proposals to foster older citizens and inter-generational active citizen­­ship. In cooperation with Carla Fermariello, Social policies Counsillor, also Bridge the Gap! has been presented and inputs exchanged on its implementation within Municipality II. Given the current sub­stantial improve­ment of the Covid situation and to avoid that senior citizens get once again penalized through isolation, the gathering ended with the unanimously approved request to Rome City Govern­­ment to re-open local senior social centers as of next July 01.

Europe's Digital Decade: Commission launches consultation and discussion on EU digital principles

photo © Lunaria
Get involved in the public consultation by the European Commission! The Commission is launching a public consul­tation on the formulation of a set of principles to promote and uphold EU values in the digital space. The consul­tation is open until 2 September 2021 and seeks to open a wide societal debate and gather views from citizens, non-govern­mental and civil society orga­nisations, busi­nesses, admin­istrations and all interested parties. Find more infor­mation here.

Co-creation session to set-up the training curriculum

photo © AFEdemy

On the morning of April 8th, the Dutch partner orga­nisation AFEdemy organised an online interactive session on the proposed set-up of the train­ing of the Bridge the Gap! Project. Ten inter­viewed older adults and experts, such as older adults’ advocacy orga­nisation KBO-PCOB, SeniorTab, SeniorWeb and The Hague Library were present. They were intro­duced to the Random Spinning Wheel to present them­selves, the use of the white­board in Zoom and a brain­storm on relevant topics. We received suggestions, take the person for the training into account and not the age. A lot depends on the willing­ness and motivation to learn. How to involve older adults in neigh­bour­hood activities that are not working with digital devices yet.

Work in small groups. Focus on what people actually can use, for example sometimes people don’t want to learn how to use email but only how to use Whats­App or Insta­gram. Mind the costs of digital­isation and the access­ibility of digital infra­structures. The meeting concluded with the following actions: the training will be further developed with the group. On their request, today’s participants will remain involved, either as co-trainer or as trainee. 2 or 3 groups of 4-6 persons will become active in the test training: in The Hague (Escamp and Haagse Hout) and one group in Gouda. The actual training acti­vities will start in May and be evaluated in September/October of 2021.